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Fashionista Activista

Diana Diaz

This is the Fashionista Activista Podcast, brought to you by the Goddess Mercado. Here, we will address all those things that may sometimes get in the way of our business journey. In this podcast, I will share tips and strategies that will help you stay on your course. You will be inspired by a few goddesses that use their fashion as a form of healing and activism. Now, this podcast is for the trabajadoras, but you huevonas are also encouraged to join the conversation. I have been meeting many women interested in starting their own small business but don’t know where to start…que, because we have the kids, the home responsibilities, the pressure from our familia, and shame o que ay que pena. And sometimes we have a lot of ganas but very little or no money!  Well, I assure you that our tips & stories that will inspire you to join our movement. And let me tell you, girl…  there will be NO HUEVONAS here!